Charles Fontaine

Postdoctoral Fellows


​​Dr Fontaine works on the applications of computational statistics in the biomedical area. Precisely, he works on the use of the copula function in a clinical trial scheme. He has already worked on cost-effectiveness analysis and propensity score analysis.

Selected Publications

​(1). Fontaine, Charles, Jean-Pierre Daurès, and Paul Landais. "On the censored cost-effectiveness analysis using copula information." BMC medical research methodology 17.1 (2017): 27.

(2).  Fontaine, Charles. Utilisation de copules paramétriques en présence de données observationnelles: cadre théorique et modélisations. Diss. Université Montpellier, 2016.


Post-PhD (D.U.) diploma in Clinical Research, Université de Montpellier (2017)​
Ph.D. Biostatistics, Université de Montpellier (2016)
MBA for Sciences and Engineering, Université du Québec à Montréal (2015)
M.Sc. Mathematics, Université de Sherbrooke (2013)

Scientific and Professional Memberships